Soft Goods Design

freeform pillow

A fully adjustable pillow to truly accommdate any sleeper. Soft and moldable MicroFlex™ Moon Foam fill, cooling polyester fabric, patent-pending neck support chamber design, and Purple's iconic Honeycomb Gelflex™ grid. Plus, a bonus decor pillow to store the extra pillow fill!

Soft Goods Design

PerfectStay™ Duvet Set

Finally, a duvet cover that is easy to remove and wash! This Purple branded patent-pending design includes a 3-sided opening for easy access and Velcro® Sleek & Thin hook tabs which secure to the duvet loop tape binding. No need to climb inside to find any ties or loops.

BAG design

Wilden Bag

Designed for the overachiever who needs a bag that can change and evolve with their busy day-to-day life. Rearrange the interior to accommodate your workday, your diaper bag, your carryon, or whatever you have going on next. This customizable bag was made for everyone!


Misc Projects

My niche skillset in action: design and development of fabric products. Seating and furniture, decorative pillows, baby products, indoor kids play,  outdoor camping products, and more.

MIXED Materials

Costume Design

Designing costumes is a favorite hobby and I like to challenge myself with strange and difficult themes. My kids always have epic Halloween costumes and I get to scratch that itch of bringing complex ideas to life just for fun.

Furniture Design

Welcome Shelf

Where do you hang your scarf and snow gear in the winter? Or your swim bag and beach towel in the summer? Designed to let seasonal items dry out while keeping them organized and convenient, the Welcome Shelf is both useful and beautiful in its simple design.

Industrial Design

Gear Cubes

A storage solution for all, no matter the type of athletic gear or size of home. (This is admittedly a project from school, but the concept and process are ones that I am still proud of to this day. Plus, I need this product for myself right now!)